Review Creatura – Nely Cab

Hi guys!!!
New review in the area! I owed this one to the author for a long time now, but I don’t why in hell I got stucked so much to write it, maybe it was a little because of university matters and everything that happened these past two years, but it is finally here! At the end you’ll find a link to the Portuguese version. I’m sorry for the quality of this translation, but I’m not so good at translating, in fact, I don’t really like doing it.
Anyway, I hope you guys get excited to read to the book, it is really good, and different from all the other published YAs.

I want to start writing this review already by the point that have caught my attention when I first received the e-mail from Nely asking me if I would be interested in reviewing Creatura, that was the story background, the kind of supernatural beings the author have chosen to give a solid base to the book, and that I had not seen in any other books, the “deities”, beings that can walk between the world of dreams and ours. And it is in Somnium that Isis meets for the first time David Chios, a handsome guy, with dark hair and dark eyes, that be both her salvation and destruction. The rest, you’ll have to read to find out.
And, now, going into the technical part. Even though this was an independently published book, the edition was really good, with a nice type size, that does not makes your vision tired while reading it, and a pleasant spacing. The first edition cover was made by the author herself, and it is composed by the painting a tree with twisted branches, with some fruits that look like pomegranates. My only delusion was the material used to print the cover, which can get a little bent, even if you leave it under lots of books bigger and heavier than it. Of course, this ain’t something that will affect my final evaluation.
As for the story, Nely has a great narrative, with a regular rhythm that doesn’t let the book get boring or tiresome, and instigates you to turn the pages quickly, in hopes of finding out what will happen next and that the answers to the questions left behind will be there. However, any lose tip left at the beginning of the book, is tied during its course. And the final scenes definitely make up for the rest of the book.
So, if you like a good supernatural YA story, but want to change a little of air, and get out of the vampire, werewolves and related kind, Creatura is definitely a good choice.

Para a versão em português, clique aqui.


Thales Moreira

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